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Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 1,3, Griffith University, language: English, abstract: 1 Issues assessment This assignment deals with threat, risk, and issues assessment with regard to BMW Motorrad Australia. First, relevant theory will be provided. Furthermore, a risk assessment grid for BMW Motorrad Australia will be constructed. The second part analyses the risk assessment grid and comments on it. The last part provides some recommendations for BMW Motorrad Australia in terms of theory. 1.1 Theory - Threat, risk, issues assessment According to Turner and Gelles (2003, p. 1), 'threat assessment in organizational settings represents a unique set of challenges that require the merging of elements from behavioural sciences, labour law, law enforcement, and human resources' ... ... in order 'to move away from the prediction of danger or the imminence of violence toward the identification and management of risk' (Turner & Gelles, 2003, p. 3). ... As with any organisation, BMW business activities carry a certain amount of risk. Proactive management of these risks minimises the impact these risks may have on the organisation. As outlined in BMW Group Annual Report 2009 (BMW Group, 2010) risks that are proactively managed by BMW are related to the following: economic environment, sector risks, operating risks, legal risks, personnel risks, information and IT risks.

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